What is the Imperial Gold Project?

*The Imperial Gold Project is estimated to produce 1.2 million ounces of gold and 94 million tons of sand and gravel in a region of California with a long history of gold mining. The Project has potential for multiple decades of economic activity once operational, including over $1.1 billion in investment and more than $241 million in taxes and royalties paid to state, federal, and local governments based on current gold prices.

Our Imperial Gold Project is an opportunity to continue the legacy of gold production in Imperial County, while supporting its people, institutions and the environment in a responsible and respectful way while contributing to the remediation of a major local health issue, the Salton Sea.

*See Preliminary Economic Assessment – Technical Report Imperial Gold Project--issued on May 19, 2020, Terre Lane and Todd Harvey of Global Resource Engineering and Glen Cole‐P.Geo. of SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. 

Is there a story behind your logo?

Yes, our logo is a homage to the history behind Cargo Muchacho Boys. You can learn more under our Cargo Muchacho page.

Where is this Project?

*The Project is located approximately 30 miles east of Brawley and roughly 10 miles from the existing Mesquite operations and closed Picacho Mine in the County of Imperial, California. Both Mesquite and Picacho Mines operated in similar rocks and with similar approach to that which will be used at Imperial.

*Imperial does not consider the historic production or economic realization at these mines as indicative of mineralization or the economics of any such mineralization at the Imperial Project.

Will the project leave behind an ugly hole in the ground or spoil the landscape?

No. The Imperial Gold Project will backfill the mine and restore topography at the site, thereby eliminating long-term visual impacts to the beautiful Imperial County landscapes. Imperial Gold will backfill during the operating period of the mine, and millions of tons of rock will be returned to their natural place before the work is complete.

Is it true that the Imperial Gold Project can help the Salton Sea?

Yes, Imperial Gold’s Project will provide remediation material to solve the Salton Sea contamination by using the clean, uncontaminated sand and gravel to cover the contaminated beaches and thus eliminate the formation of the toxic dust that harms people in the Imperial Valley.

Our method of covering the beaches is an approved method for remediation of the Salton Sea as stipulated in in Section 2.8 (page 22) of the July 2020 Salton Sea Management Report where it discusses gravel cover as one of the approved methods to minimize dust exposure and control air quality issues.

There are many pieces to the Salton Sea puzzle and tireless advocacy efforts and great strides have been made. Imperial Gold wants to do our part in being a solution to this environmental issue.

See our ACES - A Clean Environment for the Salton Sea page.

What are the economic benefits to Imperial County?

The Imperial Gold Project will improve the economic position of the Imperial Valley and its residents by facilitating the creation and retention of employment opportunities.

The Project will create over 500 new jobs during construction and 220 direct jobs when complete, with an emphasis on local hires and surrounding areas and an annual payroll of over $23 million.

The Project will generate over $240 million in Tax Revenues (at current gold prices), with over $80 million of that going to California State and Imperial County Local taxes.

How will Imperial Gold protect Imperial County’s people and environment?

Imperial Gold is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees and our neighboring communities where we operate. Plans for the Imperial Gold Project will meet or exceed federal, state, and county laws and regulations that govern mining and reclamation practices. Imperial Gold stands ready to combat climate change and reducing climate emissions by continually evaluating and implementing practices whereby we can reduce our carbon footprint.

After Project operations are complete, Imperial Gold will "backfill" the Project area, restoring the beautiful Imperial Valley viewscape, re-establishing the biology and natural desert washes.

For more details, go to our Environmental Stewardship page.

When will the Project begin operations?

Imperial Gold is in the early planning and exploration stages as of 2021 and it will be at least 3 years before we will be able to begin mine construction. For more details, go to our Environmental Stewardship page. Over the next three years our focus will be to work with the community and state, local, and federal regulators to ensure the Project meets the high standards required of it.