Our Commitment

Imperial Gold is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, and our neighboring communities where we operate. We are committed to abiding by stringent environmental controls at the Imperial Project, and upholding the rigorous laws governing the mining industry in California – among the strongest such laws in the world.

But beyond complying with local laws and upholding our values, we are excited to develop our Imperial Project with an eye towards improving environmental issues in the Imperial Valley, including the Salton Sea. Earthen materials from our project will be made of the exact materials deposited across the Imperial Valley by the Colorado River, and will provide a low-cost way to cover toxic soils that surround the Salton Sea, which create a major health hazard to Valley residents.

We call this Project "ACES" – A Clean Environment for the Salton Sea, and it advances Imperial Gold’s commitment of social responsibility and vision of a healthy and prosperous Imperial Valley region. Learn more on our ACES page.