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Environmental Stewardship

Betty, Manager of US Environmental and Regulatory Affairs

Betty is our Manager of US Environmental and Regulatory Affairs and has spent most of the last decade in environmental sciences and resource development. We are so honored to have her as part of our team at Imperial Gold.

California has some of the most stringent environmental standards of anywhere in the world. This is especially true concerning mining activities, which are subject to a thorough public review process and require permits from multiple state, local and federal agencies.

Imperial Gold is conducting its exploration activities and developing future plans with the utmost regard for these standards. We share the commitment of California’s people to minimize impacts to the surrounding environment and preserve the desert for future generations.

Our industry has undergone substantial modernization since the last mines were permitted and developed in this region. The use of modern exploration and mining practices are designed to protect the environment and will be utilized at the Imperial Gold Project.

Environmental protection laws are stronger than they have ever been and require careful planning by Imperial Gold to protect the environment during operations and restore it to its natural state after the Project is complete.

Imperial Gold is committed to meeting or exceeding all federal, state, and county laws and regulations that govern mining and reclamation practices.

After work on the mine is complete this land will be reclaimed to a reusable natural state. Our reclamation would prioritize the long-term visual character of the reclaimed area, thereby preserving it for wildlife and all future generations.

Mining & The Environment Can Function Together

Imperial Gold is defining the future of mining in California. We have designed the Imperial Gold Project to backfill open pits, leaving no long-term visual impact, while also helping grow Imperial Valley’s economy and providing hundreds of jobs for Imperial families.

We can improve on history.

The Imperial Gold Project site has a long history. A lot has changed since the first miners found the site more than a century ago. Historical regulatory requirements allowed an open pit to remain after mining, leaving a long-term scar on the beautiful Imperial Valley landscape. Today, we embrace local environmental sensitivities and have high internal standards and strict regulations guiding our work. The Imperial Gold Project will backfill the open pits and return the site to original topography, along with many other requirements that will continue to serve to protect our environment. With sustainable development as our goal, we can use the Imperial Project to build a new legacy of responsible mining in California that maximizes environmental protection while benefiting the local economy and surrounding communities.

We are committed to developing a sustainable operation from the start. We will track our work and report our efforts to lower our ecological footprint, be a meaningful member of our community and a valued economic partner.