Restoring the Landscape

The Imperial Gold Project is subject to stringent California Mine reclamation and environmental laws that will protect air, water, cultural, and biological resources. The Imperial Gold Project would be the first mine in California history to be developed while being required under law to eliminate long-term damage by restoring the beauty of the land through backfilling the mine and reestablishing the site topography. Millions of tons of rock will be returned to its natural place.

Imperial Gold respects the region in which it operates and believes backfilling is a critical component to the restoration of the lands. The Project will have no long-term visual impacts left when conclude our work.

Backfilling is not as simple as taking one ton of rock out of the mine and putting it back. The process of mining and placing the material into stockpiles introduces voids, or air space in the rock pile. As a result, we will produce 95 million tons of clean sand and gravel that will support an earthen sediment operation and remediation of the Salton Sea.