Generational Economic Impact to Imperial County

Imperial Gold is planning to spend $1.1 billion in direct investment into California and Imperial County and create 220 permanent well-paying jobs.

No Permanent Impact on the Views of the Natural Landscape

We will be using the new standard for mine reclamation in the State of California by backfilling and reestablishing the desert washes.

Stringent Environmental Controls

The project will have no water discharge, will not compete with farm use, and will not use mercury or arsenic. Stringent controls will protect air quality and natural habitats.

Positive Impact to the Salton Sea

Project ACES has the potential to remediate a significant portion of Southern Salton Sea beaches over the next 20 years.

Respect for all Stakeholders

We are committed to engaging and respecting all stakeholders and will do so throughout the lifecycle of the Project. All members of the community are stakeholders.

Committed to the Community

We are committed to being socially responsible by lending a hand, offering support to our neighbors and being an agent of growth. We will participate in the community to create a long-lasting generational impact.

The Project

The Imperial Gold project will bring hundreds of jobs and over a billion dollars in investment to Imperial County. The proposed project will produce gold, sand and gravel in a responsible manner, operating under strict environmental standards that include returning the project site to its natural state upon completion. There will be no long-term visual impact on the landscape, while Imperial County will benefit from decades of taxes, jobs, and economic contribution.

Mine of the Future

Imperial Gold will be the first mine in California to backfill the mine site, returning millions of tons of rock to its natural place and restoring the original topography. The Company respects the environment, and backfilling is a critical component to the restoration of the land which will result in no long-term visual impacts to Imperial County’s beautiful landscape. We are committed to returning the site to its natural state.

A Cleaner Salton Sea

Eliminating toxic dust that affects the Salton Sea region’s air quality is vital to the health of surrounding communities. Imperial Gold will help remediate Salton Sea contamination by providing clean, local, uncontaminated sand and gravel to cover contaminated materials. This is already an approved method for remediation of the Salton Sea and Imperial Gold will be a major local material supplier.

Economic Benefits

Imperial Gold will bring a direct investment of at least $1.1 billion to Imperial County and the State of California, generating more than $241 million in local, state, and federal taxes. The project will create over 500 jobs during construction and 220 new direct jobs during operation. The economic impact will benefit a wide range of public services including local schools, public safety and many more.